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Patient Rewards


Every patient in treatment is eligible for "Coghlan Cash" dollars at each regularly scheduled office visit. We have many exciting prizes, and each has a specified dollar amount. At each regular office visit you have the opportunity to earn dollars any of the following ways:

  • Excellent brushing
  • Excellent cooperation
  • No loose or broken appliances
  • Being on time for your visits

If you wish to earn additional cash, you may choose to  do any of the following throughout treatment:

  • Snacks for the staff
  • "A's" on your report card
  • Send us a post card from your vacation destination
  • Bring in a newspaper article about yourself
  • Bring in an orthodontic related article
  • Wear your Coghlan Orthodontics T-shirt to each visit
  • Bring in a school picture for our bulletin board

You may go "shopping" at any time; your dollars will never expire.  However, Coghlan Cash can only be earned during active treatment.